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In December of 2004, a tsunami hit the shores of India’s East coast. The aftermath was beyond horrific. Amidst the devastation, it was recorded that over 1.5 million children were separated from or lost their parents entirely. These desperate children were left to live without the most basic needs such as food and shelter, making them easy targets to predators. Countless young girls and small children were hunted down and captured by child traffickers. Witnessing the horrendous chaos begged the question “who will care for the least of these?”

After much prayer and counsel,  one young woman by the name of Judith Jacob dared to begin rescuing these desperate children from brothels, child slavery camps, and street vendors. But as she soon learned, it wouldn’t be easy.

Judith’s first rescue mission was at a brick quarry located on the outskirts of Chennai, where she had met a little girl and began learning her story. In the middle of their conversation, Judith heard what she thought was rain, only to turn back and realize that it wasn’t rain, but twenty-five men running towards them throwing rocks in an attempt to stone them. In what was a narrow escape and by the grace of God, Judith broke free. 

She leased a small home and carried on the mission of rescuing children from brick quarries, labor camps, street-begging, firework factories, and prostitution. In April 2007, Judith was able to save seven children from a labor camp where they had worked 12-hour days building bricks in the excruciating Indian sun, eating only one meal per day. This was the birth of Life Children’s Home. By the year 2010, Judith had rescued thirty-seven children. 

Over the last nine years, over 500 children have been rescued thanks to Judith, her husband, Sid, and their loyal team. Because of the work of Life Children’s Home, these precious lives have been given a home where their needs are met, their hearts are loved, and their hope is renewed.

Life Children’s Home aims to not only rescue these victims but to bring lasting healing and transformation. Each woman and child cared for are given food, clothing, education, medical help, counseling, and a safe haven where they can learn to dream again. But most importantly, each person at Life Children’s Home is loved and as we have seen over and over: love transforms.

Currently, Life Children’s Home is a safe haven to over 100 children and young women. Each child housed and cared for has overcome horrific tragedy and is constantly reminded of their hope for a tomorrow. Every day, Judith and her team at Life Children’s Home works tirelessly to provide the best resources—natural and spiritual—from the food they eat and the clothes they wear, to the healthcare, counseling, and education they are given.

None of this would be possible without the generosity and support from loyal friends and partners in India and around the world. Thank you for your support, your sacrifice, and your passion to stop human trafficking in India. You are part of the reason why these children have a renewed hope for life and eternity.

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