February 2016 Update

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I had mentioned in January’s newsletter that we would send a monthly update. I’m so sorry for not keeping you all in the loop! 

February was a trying month which required the Lord’s grace and strength: One of our dear friends from CFNI went to be with the Lord. We moved into a new house, and soon after, our son, Jaden, had an awful head injury while at school and was rushed to the ER. It was my first traumatic experience as a mother (and prayerfully the last). It was a challenging few weeks of recuperation for us all. But thankfully, by God’s grace and your wonderful prayers, Jaden is doing great!  

The Lord is doing big things in our Children’s Home. In February, we were able to pray and decide on a new and more appropriate name for the work we do in Chennai, India.

‘Nambiva’ in Tamil means, “Come to me, there is hope for you.” Our dear friends Brandon Cotter, Rachel Cavanaugh, and partners at Digital Takeover are helping us with this exciting new transition. Nothing is official yet but we will keep you informed every step of the way. We are so excited about all that God is doing in India! Please pray that every effort will help establish God’s Kingdom in a effective way, in a country that is filled with hatred, cruelty, deception, and crime.

We would love to get your feedback on this new transition, please send your emails to lifeforindia@hotmail.com. Thank you so much for your prayers!

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