March 2016 Update

March was such an encouraging month, God has been good to us! In March, we celebrated Resurrection day and had a beautiful Easter meal.

Although we weren’t able to raise all the funds needed to surprise the children with cake, fruit, and treat; the children were so grateful to enjoy a delicious meal. A huge thank you to all who generously donated, and Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

I wanted to share a praise report and prayer request for one of our young boys: Solomon is a 8-year-old boy who has Autism. When we rescued him a few years ago, he didn’t know his own name, who he was or where he was from. When we found him, he was begging in the streets and had been beaten up by an angry store-owner for urinating in front of his shop.

We’ve been caring for little Solomon since then, and although he has a ways to go, the Lord has brought him so far! Praise be to God, after a long struggle he is now able to feed himself!

But here is where we need your prayer: A couple weeks ago, a child welfare officer came to inspect our Children’s Home. He informed us that Solomon can’t live with us anymore because in India, you aren’t allowed to nurture an autistic child along with normal children. Please pray for Solomon. He has no family and there is no facility for autistic children in our city. But we are fighting for him! He is a loving boy who needs a miracle. If you would to sponsor Solomon on a monthly basis, please send us an email and let us know:

There are a lot of children like Solomon who desperately need Christ’s love, nurturing, and a safe haven to be raised in. Please join us in prayer for Solomon and the other beautiful children like him.


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